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(##When Lord Hari, who brings auspiciousness is
situated in our hearts, then there will be no more
inauspiciousness in any of our undertakings)##

tadeva lagnaM sudinaM tadeva tArAbalaM cha.ndrabalaM tadeva .
vidyA balaM daivabalaM tadeva lakShmiipateH te.nghri.ayugaM smarAmi ..

##(What is the best time to worship the Lord? When our
hearts are at the feet of Lord Narayana, then the
strength of the stars, the moon, the strength of
knowledge and all the Gods will combine and make it
the most auspicious time and day to worship the Lord)##

lAbhasteShAM jayasteShAM kutasteShAM parAjayaH .
yeShAM indiivara shyAmo hR^idayastho janArdanaH ..

##(When the Lord is situated in a person's heart, he
will always have profit in his work and victory in all
that he takes up and there is no question of defeat
for such a person)##

vinAyakaM guruM bhAnuM brahmAviShNumaheshvarAn.h .
sarasvatiiM praNamyAdau sarva kAryArtha siddhaye ..

##(To achieve success in our work and to find
fulfillment we should first offer our prayers
to Lord Vinayaka and then to our teacher, then
to the Sun God and to the holy trinity of Brahma,
ViShNu and Shiva)##

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