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.. sa.nta kabiira bhajan sa.ngraha ..

Introduction to Sant Kabir

Kabirdas, a great devotee, was greatly attracted to the Hindu spiritual
tradition though by birth he was not one and was drawn to saint Ramananda,
whom he recognised as his Guru. Every day he used to stand outside the
gates of the saint's Ashram since he could not muster enough courage
to enter the premises with the fond hope that his presence would be
noticed by his disciples who would convey the matter to the saint.

Days rolled on and his wish remained unfulfilled. At last God Himself
decided to intercede. The saint while going out for his bath overheard the
idols of Rama and Lakshmana in his worship speaking to one another, to
the effect that they should leave the Ashram because a great devotee had
not been welcomed there.

The saint who was not aware of Kabir's daily visit to his Ashram found him
weeping on the banks of the river and in the darkness of the morning hour
stumbled on him and invountarily utterred ``Rama''. Kabir fell prostrate at
his feet in gratitude for he received this utterance as his initiation and the
touch of his Guru's feet as the greatest blessing and became a great saint in
due course. Such was his devotion and faith.

From 'Religion' brief of 'The Hindu' 'Devotion alone matters to God' dated December 29, 1997

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