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What´s Puja?
What´s Puja?
To Do or Not To ....
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What´s Puja

Puja - Archaka > Puja > What's Puja?


Puja is a word in Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit, words are formed with meaning in mind. For instance in the word puja,

  • 'p' stands for 'paapa' meaning sins.
  • 'j' stands for 'janma' means birth.

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What is Puja?

Puja means Honour, worship, reverence.
Puja is believed to be derived from the Dravidian (see Dasas) word 'pu-chey', (flower action) or worship with the offering of flowers. Some trace it to the Dravidian word 'pusu', to anoint or smear with sandalwood paste or vermilion.

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To Do or Not To Do ...

Do the Puja anyway you can,
with devotion and love for Lord in your heart.

God out of His mercy will overlook all the shortcomings of men if they pursue the path of devotion with fervour.

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How to Do Puja?

Object of Puja Ritual
Puja ritual or worship of idols or images of God has become in recent times a great and potent tenet of faith and belief in out Hindu Religion or Sanatana Dharma.

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Short Daily Puja

2 Minute Puja
Each time when you say 'Samarpayami' (literally: I am offering), please offer two axataas to the LORD with love and devotion.

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Published on: 2004-05-06 (27248 reads)

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